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Saturday, 26 March 2016

bisnes ?

holla guys . have a nice day and night i guess . so tonight i would like to share my happines that shine my life for this week cehhh .

first of all , im so happy entry about my ex classmate tu kire satisfied jugak "kod" bagi diorang . sorry beav && lain lain kalau ade tersilap kata + tersakitkan hati or ape ape je lah ehh . cz i wrote that entry just for fun . just for remind me of u guys :')

second , i did some and post it in my sec ig . but im so sorry cz that ig only certain ppl that i approve hehe . from that musically alhamdulillah theres no kritik , kutuk or other bad things SETAKAT NI . cz i did it just for fun jugak . and thanku for those yang give the positive repond . thanku fans ((cehhhhhhh))

last but not least , i would to share about my bisnessss . syukur jugak cz dapat sambutan ramai . hopefully all my cust satisfy with my service okay . akan tambah lebih banyak modal lepas ni in shaa allah . special thanks to my dearest MAN for helping and be my bisnes partner . get yeh ily hahahahahaha study leklok kkkkk handsome :P

so thats all , esok nak ke kebun . will update abt kebun pulak tomorrow in shaa allah . btw kebun tu kat kota , lukut . so siapa berdekatan in shaa allah boleh la majukan bisnes family kami aka ((my dad's bisnessss act)) hehe 

gtg . night && thanks for reading .

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