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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

my choice

helo semua . tonight i would like to share a short post .

it is about person that we love . i credits this post for my nul ofc . idk why . ppl keep talking that my taste is low . that i should not choose him because of his height . im so sorry nul . but u are still my choice . i dont take serious what are people going to say . but its my choice . u are the best partner in crime i had ever met . u are so kind to me . i dont ever met people that would like stay with me no matter what happens .

yela kan . i know that i always badmood ego tinggi kuat marah and so on . but every people have their weakness right ? and why not me . why people cant stay with me eventhough my own bestfriend ? maybe aku je yang anggap dia bestfriend kod kira cam syok sndiri .

thats why i would like to love nul so much . even dia kekurangan dari segi fizikal . but i dont care . hes really kind loyal and lovely . he was always there when i need help when i need a person to hear all my luahan hati . i dont take serious about his weakness . i dont really care about rupa paras maybe .

but i should be tough when people keep talking about him . but i really hope . that he can appreciate me . that is all i want . i hope our relationship can last longer in shaa allah . 

thats all . im so sorry nul bcoz talking about this . but u will always be my choice . ily nul

Thanks for reading , readers =)

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